It’s my pleasure to say that I have got chance to serve some information about our Ganapati music company and I am very thankful to all my music team members who are involved in this company by supporting and fulfilling their responsibility for the company.  For the development of our language, culture in local community we have organized this music team. Through the company and our team always we attempt to work for globalization of our local language, cultures and others through providing various entertaining programs, audio videos songs, film, serial etc. We also entertain the people by fascinating with various audio videos song, related with other different cultures and languages with the help of other professional artist. As we know that in our local community there are several fellows who has uncountable arts like singing, dancing, modeling they are avoiding their skill due to the lack of opportunity of such program. So, I with my team always welcome all interested people with their hidden art to show their talent through our Music Company and team.

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